Spraying Journal

Record everything
easily online

Want to integrate all your fruit cultivation treatments in a single, transparent overview? With the Agromanager Spraying Journal you have everything at your fingertips. Record everything easily online via your phone, tablet or PC, and stay informed about even the smallest details, it couldn’t be simpler!

Telephone with Orchard Sprayer

This is how
it works

First of all, you draw your crops on a map using GPS coordinates, so you have a digital overview of your plots and know where the rows are located. When you start spraying, your timeline shows you which treatments have been carried out in which locations, when and on which crop; and even how many days there are in between.

You always stay right on
top of things

Moreover, Agromanager automatically subjects all your treatments to a thorough check. Our database contains all the legal requirements so we ensure you are always in order!

You can also link the Spraying Journal to our various other modules to create an Agromanager package perfectly tailored to the needs of your business.

Perfect crop monitoring


Through various integration options with suppliers of crop protection agents, the products you purchase can be automatically read into Agromanager. There is a link to weather stations, so that the Spraying Journal knows what the weather was like on a particular day when treatment was carried out. The Spraying Journal can also be forwarded to various parties.

Spray App

The Spray app is available in the IOS and ANDROID store. It provides you with an even easier way of recording your treatments, while you are at work. Did you see something in the field? You can record it using the device’s built-in GPS.

Spraying Journal

Combination with
other modules

If you have the Spraying Journal, it is advisable to combine it with other modules. You have already registered data that is used by other functionalities. If you combine the Spraying Journal with time registration, you can easily keep track of how long you worked on a specific crop. It means the spraying data can be combined with the time registration data. You also have a single point of contact for all your software and everything is compatible with the same hardware.

Spraying Journal

Effortless compliance
with legal requirements

If you link your orchard sprayer to Agromanager, everything is recorded while you drive the tractor: when you sprayed which tree, with which product, etc. without having to enter anything manually. We also make keeping track of your stock of crop protection agents, which is a legal requirement, as easy as can be: you download the product data online, after which Agromanager immediately forwards it to your accountant, the manure bank, etc.

Spraying Journal