Optimal insight into your fruit farm, right down to the roots

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Want to take your fruit cultivation to the next level? Well, you can, with Agromanager: a reliable online system for registering the ins and outs of your fruit farm. So that you can gain insight into your costs, revenues, stock, schedule, orders, etc. and respond down to the finest detail. For enhanced growth and higher returns!

Developed for
& by fruit growers

We speak from our own experience when we say that numbers do make a difference. And it is no easy task, because the wage costs of the pickers alone involved in fruit growing, are considerable. In Agromanager you will find a reliable, simple partner for saving all kinds of costs. While keeping your administration to an absolute minimum!

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Developed by and for fruit growers.
The old way versus the new way

Everything recorded in a single system

By implementing everything in a single, simple online system, we ensure that you work as efficiently as possible; without wasting time, energy or money. You get an insight into how your fruit farm and your individual pickers are doing, including time registration, so you can keep a close eye on productivity. No more headaches, but welcome peace of mind!

functions & updates every week

Updates are performed weekly. Based on feedback from our users, we continuously adapt the existing modules. New functionalities are also added on a regular basis. The new items we add to Agromanager reflect what our users consider important.

Together with our ambitious team, we would like to take a closer look at your fruit farm


I am Laurens

A fruit farmer with a passion
for helping colleagues

Agromanager offers you a total solution. A dynamic and committed team of IT professionals works on your individual needs and challenges. Our mission To optimise our innovative tool and build lasting relationships with customers, making it as easy as possible for them to monitor their processes, to obtain an all-round higher return in the sector. We offer our 500+ customers the ultimate software and the best support. We are still looking for different profiles to help us achieve our goals. Interested in applying?

700+ satisfied fruit growers
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  • Martijn Slabbekoorn

  • Robin Van Lint

  • Liesbeth Geutjens

  • Martijn Slabbekoorn

  • Robin Van Lint

  • Liesbeth Geutjens

    Agromanager offers customization for fruit growers

    Agromanager is the ideal tool for fruit growers who want to gain insight into their results and strive to grow their business efficiently. This is because the innovative software system offers not only the ability to track processes and output, but also to see what is happening with inputs and raw materials. And that creates opportunities for optimization.

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