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Fruit growers born and bred, we can assure you we are right at home in the sector and understand your individual needs like no other. Where in the past, each pallet was manually recorded in a ledger, we now provide you with a reliable online system that takes care of your administrative needs almost automatically.

Increase your

In other words, we offer a total package, which we also flexibly adapt and configure according to the needs of your company. Because, not only do we want to increase the all-round yield in the fruit growing sector, we also want to personally relieve the burden on you as a grower through customised solutions and a long-term customer relationship. So that you gain insight into your business, and enhance your operations.

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When you start working with Agromanager, for 14 days you get all the modules available in Agromanager. During this period we focus on your company and your needs and you have access to all the Agromanager functionalities.


Pay only for what you need, based on the modules you select. Hardware can also be purchased. Our sales team is always at your service to find the best solution for your business.

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Agromanager is your very own personal assistant. Is a treatment impossible because of the season? We will bring it to your attention! Is a particular crop protection agent no longer usable? We’ll let you know! Does your machinery need to be inspected? We will inform you! By proactively cooperating with professional advisers, we are always up to date with the latest developments and legislation.

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Once you have started working with Agromanager, we are completely at your service. You can call our telephone help desk every day. Our online knowledge database is also available. Furthermore, we can change settings or generate reports customised to your company.


With Agromanager integrate all your suppliers, machines, customers, advisors in one system. This way you automate all administration between different parties. So you have everything you need to work smarter, in one place.

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