At Agromanager we know that each individual tree requires a different approach.

Spraying Journal

Insight & data
on all levels

At Agromanager, we don’t just go one step further but one step deeper, so you can gain insight into your fruit cultivation processes right down to the roots. Instead of linking all your necessary data to the crop level, we can also display this data at tree level.

Data integration

You need data if you want to carry out site-specific treatment. There are lots of ways you can collect this data. What’s more, data providers can share data sets with you using drone images, camera images and sensors, which can be easily uploaded. We also have integration options available with these kinds of providers. As a result, the data is available automatically.

GPS module with task cards

3D task cards

Task cards can be created from available data sets. Entire field treatments are also possible, in which case you do not need any data. The task cards can be downloaded and linked to your machine. The height factor is a unique aspect of fruit farming, which is why we included the height of the data. You will need to adjust some settings depending on the machine controller you use.

Digital overview

machine controller

To solve any integration problems, we developed our own machine controller. With the controller, you can easily control machines on a site-specific basis because the receiver and software are effectively aligned. The controller functions as an additional add-on for your machine. This allows us to communicate with the spraying computer, and possibly with the GPS receiver that is already installed in the tractor/machine.

Specifically developed for fruit growing

The machine controller can be easily operated using a smartphone or tablet, and all data is communicated to the cloud via a 4G connection. 

Data feedback


When the task is completed, you receive feedback based on various parameters. This depends on the machine and its settings. It can range from pressure, flow rate and speed, or even the blade depth of a root cutter. As a result, you even know on which side of the trees you pruned the roots.

We offer a total package

Combination with
other modules

The GPS module uses the cultivation module. You also need the cultivation module to register the spraying journal. When you start working with site-specific treatments, it is very useful to experiment with the spraying book. The cultivation module is interesting too.

Increase your return

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