A clear overview of stock and orders in just a few clicks

Pallet Sticker

Fast, efficient
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Do you want to have your stock sorted down to the last detail and keep it that way? With a clear overview of what is flowing in and out, so that you can easily trace everything? Leave it to our Agromanager sorting module.

In the stock overview, you can quickly and efficiently consult your current stock, with an intelligent filter that allows you to group everything by size, by customer, by type, etc. The sorting report details your inputs and outputs, and your best sizes and classes. The tables of our charts can also be directly imported into Excel: a useful added bonus.

to use

If you add your orders to Agromanager, you only need to click a photo to print the label and register the pallet. And you can easily keep track of what goes out by simply creating an export receipt and scanning all the barcodes. And what if the recipient uses Agromanager? You just need to send the receipt online!


Did you know that links with traders are also possible? It means they can place orders directly in your Agromanager using their software. No more trouble creating new orders, they take care of it right away!

Delivery notes

You can immediately produce delivery notes by scanning codes that come out of the cold storage onto a delivery note. All the required information about the pallet or box is displayed on a delivery note. You can choose the layout of these documents yourself. Waybills are also printed automatically. Agromanager simplifies your daily tasks!


Combined with the invoicing module, you can accurately calculate the cost of each package. You can indicate which packages are exclusive and which are inclusive. So you know who will pay these costs and exactly how much an operation will yield.

We offer a total package

Customised reporting

Customised reports can be added in Agromanager. This provides you with an insight into your business and allows you to draw the right conclusions from the recorded data. Do you want to know, for example, how long it takes to sort a particular package? You can retrieve all the info from Agromanager.

We offer a total package