Automatic and at a glance

Automatic &
at a glance

Thanks to the Agromanager cooling module, you can see what’s in your cold stores at a glance. You can use a single device to import, move and export your fruit easily and conveniently. Without having to enter everything manually on the computer!

If you scan your storage crates when they are loaded into the cold store, from the forklift truck for example, then you will know the exact location of each crate, thanks to our app. Is third party fruit supplied with an Agromanager barcode? It will be automatically imported into the system.

It has never
been so simple!

It is also easy to keep track of when fruit is dispatched, because it is sold or stored elsewhere: you simply create an export receipt on the scanner, scan all the barcodes, and you’re done! Does the recipient use Agromanager? You can just send the receipt digitally!

Keeping your records in order has never been easier. If you prefer not to work with a scanner, you can of course perform all actions on your computer.

It has never been so simple

Share your

You can share sorted and unsorted products with your customers or suppliers. It means they also know what you have in stock and you don’t have to manually communicate the stock by telephone every day.

your documents

You can create the delivery note by scanning the codes that come out of the cold store on to a delivery note. All the required information about the pallet or box is displayed on a delivery note. You can choose the layout of these documents yourself. Waybills are also printed automatically.


When the receipt is complete, it is sent digitally. Does your recipient also use Agromanager? Then he can get to work with your barcodes immediately and without any additional registration. All barcodes generated in Agromanager can be digitally downloaded into any system. Every Agromanager user has access to this functionality.

Scan app

With our Scan app, you can easily scan storage boxes or pallets inside and outside the cold stores. If you want to create a delivery note, you can do this easily using the scanner. Truck drivers can digitally sign the receipt by signing the screen.

Record everything easily online

Combine different modules

A link to the sorting module is very interesting too. You can assign your sorted fruit a place in the cold store. So you know immediately where everything is when a truck arrives.