About us

Agromanager is software developed for and by growers

New functions and updates every week

Knowledge of fruit growing & IT

The guys behind Agromanager, Laurens and Brent, have known each other since they were six years old, when they went to school together. Having followed the same IT studies, at the age of 16, the good friends finally came up with the idea of combining their knowledge of fruit growing with their expertise in IT. The idea grew, and you can now use Agromanager to efficiently manage your fruit growing administration.

We understand
your needs

Laurens takes care of the practical side of Agromanager and Brent is responsible for the technical side. They both perfectly understand the needs of fruit growers, and can effectively respond to them. At Agromanager we know that each individual tree requires a different approach, and integrate the necessary tools in an ingenious system that objectively assesses it all.

We understand your needs

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